Ease Announces Medicine Fellowship for Physicians

Ease Team
July 11, 2022
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HOUSTON, Texas - July 11th, 2022 - Ease, a Houston-based digital health startup, today announced the “Ease 50” fellowship, a program developed to help 50 Physician Entrepreneurs build and launch their own medical practices.

The six-week fellowship, a first of its kind in healthcare, is designed to teach clinicians the business and marketing operations of starting, managing, and growing a private practice.

The “Ease 50” fellowship will be the third fellowship hosted by Ease (previously known as DocSpace) which successfully helped over 100 Therapist Entrepreneurs build and launch their own therapy practices.

The fellowship will include expert-led sessions from top marketing, business, and healthcare leaders with direct peer-to-peer mentorship from physicians operating successful private practices. Each fellow will receive training in business formation and licensing, branding and marketing, tax and accounting, insurance, and back-office operations.

“There are now more physicians in the United States currently practicing medicine as employees than as private practice business owners, said Dr. Mario Amaro, Founder, and CEO of Ease. Which is a major shift in how medicine was traditionally distributed prior to hospital consolidation. But since the physician workforce no longer works within the community, healthcare has been driven outside of the community. Resulting in a massive gap for patients seeking affordable and equitable healthcare access. At Ease, we believe that the only way to close that gap is to make it easy for clinicians to start private practices and the Ease 50 fellowship gets us one step closer to making that happen.

About Ease 

Ease is a financial practice operations platform that helps clinicians start, grow, and manage private practices. Ease provides everything clinicians need to form tech-enabled private practices, from automating business entities, licensing, credentialing, and banking, to customizing practice operations and back-office financial workflows.

For more information, visit and for media inquiries please contact Sarah Lyman at

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