Launch your Independent
Medical Practice

6 weeks · 7-10 hours per week

Learn how to launch, grow, and manage a thriving private medical practice with expert guidance and a supportive community!

Ease Fellowship

Applications closed Aug 19th, 2022

The Easé path to launching your thriving medical practice

Our live fellowship is an immersive 6-week learning experience. You will build your thriving private medical practice alongside a cohort of physicians with the Easé Independent Practice playbook. You'll have the skillset to grow a profitable and efficient private practice from day one, so you can focus on providing quality care as your practice grows.


What you’ll learn during our Live
Ease 50 Fellowship

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    POP Training (Practice Operation Plaform)
    Build efficient and thriving medical private practices with tools tailored specifically for physicians. Get access to a suite of free tools only available to Fellows. We've got your back (office) so you can focus on doing what you love.
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    Business Formation
    We cover all the legal aspects of running a business, like licenses, tax IDs, sole proprietorships vs LLCs. We've mapped everything out for you so you won’t have to navigate all of it alone!
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    Easély Handle Insurance
    Discover how to automate billing and invoicing so you can devote more time to helping patients rather than administrative tasks. You got into this field to make a difference, not spend your days dealing with insurance claims and follow-ups that ultimately overwhelm you.
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    Pricing Structure
    Pricing can be tricky. Learn how to price your services from seasoned practicioners. You'll learn the pros and cons of each payment option including sliding scale, split fee, payment plan and more so you setup a thriving private medical practice from day one.
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    Easély develop a custom financial framework with professional accountants and bookkeepers from Ease. You will gain a solid understanding of accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes, then you'll learn how to automate your expense tracking so you are always prepared for tax season.
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    Learn how patients are searching for you and build a brand that patients recommend. You'll create a custom growth plan for your private medical practice and be included in Ease's physician directory.
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    Banking & Payments
    You'll setup a free FDIC checking account with no banking fees. Track business, medical and other expenses automatically. Easély track invoice payment statuses and offer flexible payment options for your patients.

Learn-by-doing with live sessions

The fellowship program provides a practical curriculum that emphasizes 100% learning-by-doing, so you can follow along with Ease. The Fellowship program gives you lifetime access to learning materials and resources, along with the latest tools, workflows, strategies, and best practices.

Launch your private practice with seasoned mentors

As well as learning the core skills to run an efficient private practice, you'll be in mastermind groups and receive guidance with weekly office hours. Get personalized guidance with tools and advice tailored for your private practice.

6 weeks · 7-10 hours per week

The Ease Fellowship is a six-week immersive program. You'll join a cohort of physicians and take part in live classes, huddles, mastermind groups, and fireside chats!

Prep-work and Pairing

We recommend doing some reading and practical preparation work before the Fellowship to save time and nail it from the get-go.

Orientation Day
Week 0
Week 0

Give yourself a pat on the back for officially starting your journey toward independence! On orientation day you'll receive your initial brief from the Ease team and meet with other Fellows in the Community.

  • Chat with Fellows in the Community 👋
  • Review Fellowship curriculum
  • Complete practical prep tasks
Business Formation
Week 1
Week 1

In the first week of Fellowship you'll understand the difference between PLLC vs S-Corp and what to do after filing your business entity. During this first week you'll continue to get to know other Fellows and begin exploring the Ease Practice Operation Platform (POP).

  • Join the Ease Community and Mastermind Group
  • Learn about multi-state licensures
  • Get a roadmap for expanding your telehealth services to multiple states
Bookkeeping, Accounting, Taxes
Week 2
Week 2

In week two we'll examine how pricing structures work and the business impact of each. During this week you'll be learning the importance of bookkeeping and how to save time by automating your expense tracking.

  • Setup FDIC secured Ease Cash and Ease Pay
  • Ask previous Fellows questions
  • Learn how to maximize tax deductions
Growth Plan
Week 3
Week 3

During week three you'll put together a growth plan. This is a super fun week where you'll learn how to confidently build trust and market your practice!

  • Learn how to increase credibility with patients
  • Setup your calendar for patients to schedule appointments
  • Chat about providing accessible health care
SEO Playbook
Week 4
Week 4

During week four you'll celebrate being a month into your Ease Fellowship. It's also the phase where you'll learn how to confidently promote your private medical practice online. With your growth plan in place, you'll discover how to drive organic SEO traffic.

  • Set up your professional Practicefront website
  • Learn the ins and outs of building a strong brand
  • Chat about any roadblocks in your creative vision
Social Media Marketing Playbook
Week 5
Week 5

During week five you'll be diving into social media marketing! From our experience it's much better to learn how each marketing channel can impact your business.

  • Setup Practicefront Links for social media
  • Explore social media strategies
  • Blogging and content distribution
  • Broaden your online presence with the Ease playbook
Launch Your New Private Practice & Notify Your Waitlist 🎉
Week 6
Week 6

Our final week is a celebration of your entire experience and also an opportunity to showcase your new private practice with the world! During the final week you'll put together your pitch deck and have opportunity to showcase your new private practice to the community and new clients.

Our final live session is a super fun graduation with guest speakers who'll have you super hyped up for the next chapter of your entrepreneurial journey!

  • Ease Practice Operation Platform Q&A
  • Showcase your new private practice on Demo Day
  • Tips and advice from Ease Alumnus
  • Graduate together 🥳
Fellowship Team
Learn from the most qualified mentors in the industry.

This fellowship was designed to make starting a practice as easy as possible. We've turned something that was once complex, expensive, and out of reach for so many into an Easé process. We mapped out everything so you can make starting your thriving private practice a reality.


Dr. Mario Amaro

Founder of Ease

Ease was created to empower clinicians to launch, grow, and efficiently manage their private practices so clinicians can provide accessible healthcare to their communities, regain their autonomy, and create a lasting impact by helping others.

Shonta Pierce

Fellowship Manager

Rachel Mckay

Practice Ops Manager

Sarah Lyman

Customer Success

Alex Bruno


Dhruv Vasishtha


Dr. Tarang Patel


Dr. Manan Shah


Nikhil Krishnan


Blake Madden


Fellowship Topics
Launch your thriving private medical practice led by industry experts

This Fellowship program is intensive, and it will require a lot of work. However, completing the prepwork will make the process Easé. We pride ourselves on having a schedule that works for busy physicians. You'll receive support from your mentor, classmates, and our community of supportive physicians every step of the way!

Expert Mentors

You’ll learn live from leading industry experts and private practice mentors that will show you the ins and outs of launching your private practice.

Mastermind Group

Recieve personalized guidance from a community of close-knit physicians who’ve faced similar situations.

1:1 Support

Each week, you'll have the chance to ask any questions you have, such as questions on operations, branding, design, marketing, POP and more!

Supportive Community

Grow your private medical practice faster with 1:1 mentorship. Validate your ideas and get clarity on issues you are facing.

Life-time Access

Download our on-demand Easé playbooks, checklists, and templates. Use them as a guide as you grow your private practice!

Growth Strategies

Discover the most effective levers to grow your private practice using a comprehensive growth strategy.

A Thriving Private Practice

Starting a successful private practice from the beginning will be Easé. We have it all mapped out for you. Why do it alone?

Real Case Studies

You'll be prepared with the best roadmaps and avoid the mistakes your mentors made early on. You'll have the confidence to navigate any challenges in the future.

Exclusive POP Tutorials

Receive 1:1 weekly support along with access to on-demand live demos, video walkthroughs, and updates forever.

Simple and transparent pricing

Ease 50
Immersive 6 Week Fellowship
Live Interactive Classes
Mastermind Groups
Business Foundations
1:1 Support
Ease Practice Operations Platform
Expert Mentorship
Fellowship Membership
Alumni Community
On-demand Resources
Ease Start
Legal Business Formation
Legal Entity Formation
Bylaws and IP protection
Ease Community Membership
Tax ID (EIN) filing
Practice Operating Agreement
Registered Agent
Ease Start Setup Fee
Ease Platform
Practice Operations Platform
Ease Cash
Ease Notes (EHR)
Ease Pay
Ease Video
Ease Practicefront
Ease Practicefront
Ease Calendar
Ease Workspace
Ease Platform Fee
First year free for Ease Fellows
Fellowship Questions
Got a question about our Ease Fellowship?

You may have a couple of questions at this stage. If you have specific questions or would like to schedule a quick call, please feel free to contact us!

Who should apply?

If you’re a physician who is looking to launch your private practice, this is for you.

  • You don’t have to rely on trial and error
  • You don’t have to pay expensive courses with one person’s perspective t
  • You don’t have to spend countless hours searching through Google
  • You don’t have to launch a whole new practice alone

We have the whole process mapped out for you.

Is there an application deadline?

Applications for the Ease50 medicine fellowship close August 19th or until all 50 fellowship spots have been filled. Make sure to apply early so you don't miss the opportunity to be one of the first 50.

Why Ease vs Other Private Practice Courses?

Our fellowship differs from typical online courses. We don't just hide behind paywalls and offer coupon codes for practice management software. Ease fellowship offers an immersive learning experience with embedded practice operations software that's 100% free for all fellows. So instead of trying to teach yourself by watching endless videos, you'll join a cohort full of your peers who will all learn, build, and launch within 6 weeks.

As Fellows, you have a strong referral network and a supportive community to help you through any challenges at every stage of your growth. You have lifetime access to playbooks, checklists, strategies, and more.

Easé Fellowship doesn’t just come with education and a community, you also get to use the Ease Practice Operation Platform (POP) for FREE. Instead of expensive courses, multiple segmented softwares, and accounting services, Ease has everything you need to launch, manage, and grow your independent practice Easély with a supportive community?

How do I meet my Ease50 Fellows?

All posts, updates, announcements, events and more are in the community.

The community is FREE to join, and Fellows have access to exclusive resources and spaces. You can ask questions, get feedback, collaborate, and chat about anything! Together you'll launch your private practices and likely remain buddies for life 🙌

Ease is a financial technology company and is not a bank.