Our story starts with you.

Ease was founded with one goal, to help clinicians become small business owners again so they can finally return to their communities and regain their autonomy.

Ease is designed to make starting a practice as ease as possible. We've turned something that was once complex, expensive, and out of reach for so many, into a few minutes to build and launch.

Empowering clinicians everywhere to launch their practice

Ease Fellowship

Launch your private practice with a free six-week program. Make the leap with a supportive community of clinicians.


Business formation

Learn which business entity formation is best suited for your private practices, how to file your clinical license and avoid costly mistakes when filing for your new practice.



Learn how to quickly and efficiently get enrolled and credentialed with multiple payers all throughout the United States. With tips and tricks from private practice experts to help you save time and money with claim submissions, super-bills, documentation, and coding.


Rates and fees

Learn how to set up a proper pricing structure for your practice such as sliding scales, payment plans, and other business models.


Accounting & taxes

Develop a financial framework based on the style of practice that you're planning to operate. You'll have an efficient practice so you can focus caring for your clients instead of worrying about running the business.


Marketing & advertising

Learn how patients are searching for you and how to build a brand that gets noticed and recommended. Our marketing module is tailored specifically for clinicians so you can have a peace of mind with a world-class team guiding you.


Banking & payments

Learn how to open up an FDIC checking and savings account with embedded payments all in one place. With tools that make it easy to customize payment plans, memberships, and patient payment portals for your practice.


Meet the Ease team

We're a bunch of happy and passionate people who work hard to help clinicians launch their practice.

Dr. Mario Amaro

Founder & CEO

Neeraj Jadhav

Chief Technology Officer

Rachel McKay

Practice Operations Manager

Neeraj Jadhav


Millat Talukder

Software Engineer

Tanmoy Banik

Software Engineer

Kazi Aziz

Software Engineer
Sumaiya Sirat

Sumaiya Sirat

QA Engineer

Sorwoar Resim

UI/UX Designer

Rashidul Islam

UI/UX Designer

Mahafujur Rahaman

Software Engineer
Our mascot
Meet Ease!

Why is Ease's mascot a Corgi?

When founding Ease, Dr. Amaro was studying logos and branding for some of the leaders in the digital health industry, and he was uninspired with how generic and boring most of the brands were. Healthcare is not always fun nor exciting experience for patients and clinicians and he believed that companies were missing opportunities to create more inviting and playful branding.

A Corgi is a fun-loving loyal companion that everyone seems to enjoy. Even though having a Corgi as a mascot is a bit unconventional for a digital health startup, it always seems to be a great conversation starter with clinician entrepreneurs looking to start private practices.

The name Ease comes from the official business entity name MedEase Technology Incorporated and started off as a digital mascot flying through the meta-verse. But as of December 2021, "digital" Ease has transitioned to physical Ease, imitating the real-life flexibility for the unified channel experience of Ease's POP platform. Which helps clinician entrepreneurs offer care in-person, virtually, and everywhere else in-between.

Ease is a financial technology company and is not a bank.